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The Top 30 Social Media Words & Phrases You Need To Know

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Jargon. What is it?

Jargon is defined as “the language, especially the vocabulary, peculiar to a particular trade, profession or group: medical jargon.

Every area of our lives has a particular jargon, but it is not often that the jargon from a profession or a job infiltrates our everyday life as much as the language used in social media has today.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the new words and phrases we hear, and if you are a baby boomer, or a generation X-er, many of these words may seem alien to you, or at best, known, but used in unfamiliar ways.

Here is a list of thirty words that are used in social media jargon that you should know, because they crop up in our lives with regularity.

The top 30 words used in social media, everybody should know.

  1. Viral: anything shared across social media networks that gets passed along rapidly from person to person.

  2. Platform: a system that manages content.

  3. Algorithm: a system that suggests pages to search engines in response to a search enquiry.

  4. Influence: an individual’s importance and ability to sway opinion.

  5. Blog: a web-log. A page or site that gets updated regularly by an individual or group to record views and opinions.

  6. Unfriend: similar to unfollow. Used in Facebook when you no longer wish to connect with a person.

  7. Authenticity: used to describe real people behind a blog or other social media profile.

  8. Audience: the people you can reach through posting content on social media.

  9. B2B: business to business relationships.

  10. B2C: business to customer relationships.

  11. Tag: a label of what the content is about.

  12. Hashtag: “a word or string of characters that start with a number sign”, as defined by HubSpot.

  13. Thread: the grouping together of identical hashtags.

  14. SEO (Search engine optimization): how to organize a website to give it the best opportunity of being seen by search engines and ranked near the top.

  15. Web 2.0: the second generation of the web. People now create blogs and websites without the need of specialized training.

  16. Tweeps: Twitter + People = tweeps

  17. IOT (The internet of things): Things used to enhance our lives connected to the internet.

  18. Synergy: teamwork between companies online.

  19. Trending: a word, phrase, or topic popular on Twitter at any given moment.

  20. E-book: a book written, published and usually read online. An electronic book.

  21. Wiki: web pages that can be edited by other users.

  22. Micro-blogging: short message postings from a social media account, like Facebook status, & a Twitter post.

  23. UI (User Interface): relates to design and how the user interacts with a product, such as the buttons on an app or website, the typography, colours, etc.

  24. UX (User experience): takes the UI to another level and it is how the user feels when interacting. UX follows the UI.

  25. UGC (user generated content): this is any content online created by a person.

  26. Tweet: the name given to the short message posting on twitter.

  27. Post: Any content uploaded to a site; to publish or share something on social media.

  28. Widget: this is a small application on a website.

  29. Engage: the act of communicating with other people on social media.

  30. Traffic: the volume of visitors to a site.

Jargon is all around us and every day new words appear and old words drop out, but the language used in Social Media is here to stay. It is, therefore, important to stay up to date with new words and words you are going to hear in a work and social context.

Which words do you find most difficult to understand? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe for our blog and follow us on social media.

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