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Ten Advantages Of Joining A Professional Association

I am not a great networker. I find the whole process of networking uncomfortable and intimidating at times. It is difficult for me to self-promote, and that is something I have always found difficult, but many people relish the idea of networking and self-promotion. My lack of self-promotion got me thinking about associations and how important they can be for the individual and the organisation, and here are my ten reasons why I should join a professional association. Network

Why Choose An Apprenticeship

Five Reasons To Choose An Apprenticeship What is your plan for the next four or five years? Would you like to go to university and study for four years, enjoy your life at university with twenty weeks vacation every year and come out with a degree, a huge student debt and no job? Or, would you rather spending the next four years, working and studying and at the end of those four years have an industry recognised qualification, be student-debt free and have a job? Now, for man

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