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What is social media?

Social Media is using media, apps, websites etc, to network in a virtual world. Social Media is about building relationships through your audience. 
Social Media helps educate the audience on the brand, engage with the audience about the brand, extol the brand and empower the audience through use of the brand.

Why do I need social media marketing?

Social Media provides you wit a forum to reach a vast audience around the globe and through education on your brand, engagement with the audience about the brand, extolling the brand and empowering the audience. Your audience become the customers who in turn become brand advocates.

What social media is good for me?

Each social media platform has its unique character, and to get the most from the platform you need to be talking to the correct audience. Choose a vendor persona and see which platform fits their model and go from there. Accent on Training can carry out an audit and advise which platform is best suited to your business.

Why should I invest in social media marketing?

Social media is, at its heart, a social platform and as such is great for raising brand awareness and building a community. It can also be a great way to educate customers and provide them with the means to make an informed purchasing decision.

How much will it cost me?

Your social media will cost you your time. If you have the time to write articles, post regularly, design your assets and manage the community, then do it. But most people do not have the time. Accent on Training can take the headache from you and provide you with a bespoke service dedicated to you and your business.

Why should I choose Accent on Training?

Accent on Training provide every client with a personal service with a bespoke social media marketing strategy to meet your individual social media marketing needs. Each client has direct contact with a personal business account manager who will listen to your needs and wants and help develop a fruitful strategy to maximise your return on your investment.


What time should I post?

The times you post will vary, depending on the platform used and your brand. You need to know who your ideal customer is, their age, background, job, as well as knowing why they want your brand. Once you have answered the who and the why, it is easier to ascertain the where. Accent on Training can carry out a full Social Media audit and advise you on the where and the how often.

How can I increase my followers?

There is no simple way to increase your audience. Social Media Marketing is similar to traditional sales, it comes down to how many doors you knock. The more doors you knock on, the more likelihood of a sale. This is true for today's marketing, only the doors to knock are Social Media apps and platforms. You need to be consistent and targeted. AoTSM, can help you define your plan.

How do I measure the return

How do you measure the return for any marketing plan? The answer is in the number of customers. Social marketers like to use complicated jargon, but the bottom line is, any marketing strategy is reliant on the number of customers. Accent on Training realise the importance of your bottom line and we will develop a strategy to maximise your returns, using a realistic timeline.

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